Words apparently don’t come easy, baby, embroy, fetus, woman, the what is what guide

Anti-abortions, anti-choice or pro-birth people are notoriously bad at seperating their use of words to the right context of the meaning of the words. So here is a short list of the actual meaning of words.

It is criminal to murder both babies and women, since both are already born and persons in their own right.

Murder is a criminal act, so it does not apply to legal abortion.

When a pregnant woman is murdered it is called double homicide, because it happened in context of committing a crime against the woman. A fetus or embryo is not in this context either considered a legal person. The woman is considered a person with legal rights.

Cuticy of the Merriam-Webster dictionary:

Embryo : an animal in the early stages of growth and differentiation that are characterized by cleavage, the laying down of fundamental tissues, and the formation of primitive organs and organ systems, especially : the developing human individual from the time of implantation to the end of the eighth week after conception
Most abortions happens medically in the embryo stage, when the embryo is barely the size of a walnut.

Fetus : an unborn or unhatched vertebrate especially after attaining the basic structural plan of its kind, specifically : a developing human from usually two months after conception to birth
The rest of the abortions happens in the early fetus stage, before it has a fully developed system.
A rare few abortions happens later due to unexpected health issues.

Baby : an extremely young child, especially : infant
A baby can not be aborted or be unborn, since it developed into a baby at birth. Murdering a baby is a crime, because it is a person in its own right.

Woman : an adult female person
There is no such thing as an unborn or aborted woman.