Why I agree with FEMINISM

There is no me in feminism, it is about us, all of us.

To me it is about equality for all, about equal opportunity, about standing in solidarity with those that have less of it and fighting inequity and income disparity. It is about making legislation equal to all, law enforcement equal to all and accountability equal to all, despite a persons gender identity, sexual preference, race or starting point in life.

5% of all men are responsible for 60% of all violence. This makes violent men a real issue, and even though it is not about all men, there is a 1 out of 20 chance that the man in front of you is violent. This is a real problem, one that puts women (and men and children) into hospitals and into the grave. So yes, men are violent, because statistically it is so. If you personally are not a violent man, if you do not have control issues, if you never used a fist, bat or beer bottle to end an argument, then you are smart enough to know that you are among those other 95% that choose to not turn to his fists first, right?

I love men. I love boys. I love grumpy old bastards. My father, my brothers, my “spouse” through the past 28 years, my gamer friends, my colleagues (you know who you are), my neighbors, my favorite actors, singers and producers and developers. I love them for their minds, their creative inputs into my life, their zest and inspiration.

I don’t need feminism to seek justice for those wronged. But I am not a fool, why not seek justice in solidarity with those of like minds, rather than rage against injustice alone? The pen is mightier than the sword, and good stuff is best enjoyed in company.

I am aware of the difference between a “bad” and a “good” person.

Feminism have climbed walls, but we are still climbing mountains.

In my humble opinion, anti-feminism is corrupting the world.